How do I upload files to my website?

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Our Mshini servers are configured to utilise FTP/S, a secure variant of FTP that makes use of an SSL/TLS layer below the standard FTP protocol to encrypt the data channels.

If you’d like to upload files to your website, you can enable secure FTP access via your Mshini control panel.

You would need to be logged into your Mshini account first. To log in, please click on the link below:

Once logged into your Mshini hosting account, select the Manage Sites tab on the left. Depending on what site you want to enable FTP access for, select either the Live Sites, Staging Sites or Dev Sites tab where you should see your site specified.

On the right, under the site tools menu, will you find the Enable FTP option. Once enabled, the FTP login credentials are sent to the Mshini account holder’s email.

FTP access is enabled for 48 hours. Afterwhich it is automatically disabled. If you would like to enable FTP access again, all you would need to do is to enable it via the Mshini control panel and a new set of FTP credentials will be emailed to the Mshini account holder’s email.





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