How to migrate a Dev Site to a Single Site Hosting account

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So you’ve finished building your Dev Site and you’re wondering “What now??”. Luckily for you we’ve entirely automated the migration process between Dev Site -> Staging Site -> Production Site so you’ll be able to make the new site live in only a few clicks.

If you or your customer haven’t yet signed up for a Single Site Hosting account to house the new site, you would need to do so before attempting to migrate your Dev Site.

Once you’re ready, proceed as per the instructions below:


  • Log in to your Mshini control panel and navigate to the Dev Sites tab.



  • Identify the Dev Site to be migrated (if you have more than one) and select Migrate Dev Site.



You will be taken to the following screen. In the Destination Site field, enter the domain name of the site that you would like to migrate your Dev Site to. The destination site must be a site on your Mshini profile or on another Mshini customer’s profile.



  • After selecting the Request Migration button, an email will be sent to the owner of the respective Mshini profile to which the Dev Site is being migrated.



  • The Mshini profile owner who receives the email (either you or your customer) will need to select Accept Site Migration and will then be redirected to the Mshini control panel for a final confirmation.



  • The Mshini profile owner will need to select Approve Migration to finalise the migration process and they will receive and email once the migration has been completed.



  • Now that your Dev Site has been successfully migrated to a staging environment on the Mshini profile owner’s account, all that remains is for the Mshini profile owner to test the Staging Site and to then push the site from Staging to Production to make the site live.

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