Emergency Restore

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Broken your live site and urgently need to restore a working version? No problem. You can have your site up and running again within minutes using the Emergency Restore tool in your Mshini customer control panel.

Once logged in to your customer control panel, select the Manage Sites tab on the left to access your Site Tools. Make sure you select the LiveStaging Sites or Dev Sites tab at the top for the site you need to restore.

When you initiate an Emergency Restore, your live site will be restored from the latest available backup. If you haven’t used the Create Backup tool on the same day, your site will be restored using the latest available backup which would have been created at approximately 1AM in the morning.

If, for whatever reason, you require that your live site be restored from an earlier backup, you should send us an email so that we may restore your live site from the required date.

Going forward, why not try utilising your free staging environment when testing new plugins and themes or doing anything that could potentially break your live site?

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